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Thread: Acid the way to go ?

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    Default Acid the way to go ?

    Spring turn on of sprinkler system gave only 1/2 normal pressure. Figure acid could be used to clean but the point was fine last year. Had a point water well in former house that gradually get worse and had to be cleaned out. Does not sound right that pressure would go down so far from one season to the next in sprinkler well (Michigan). Pump sounds the same when starting up. Wondering what I may be missing. No harm in using acid, but will next step be to check point ? Pumps is old but sturdy AO Smith 1.5 hp. Thanks for help.

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    Never use Muriatic Acid. You can be killed or left brain dead. Muriatic Acid reacts violently with sulphur which parts of Michigan are known to have.

    If you do a search for Nu-Well tablets here you will find a place in Holland Mich that sells these tablets.

    Once you have put them in the well it is important to keep a steady stream of water running down the well to dissolve the tablets. Otherwise they will just sit there and do nothing.

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