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Thread: Securing a copper pipe riser

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    Default Securing a copper pipe riser

    I am installing 2 x 1" copper risers from my basement to attic to be used for HW supply/return for a heating coil. I have roughed out the openings between floors and am ready to install the lines. I bought copper plated 2-hole straps to secure the pipes and have the following question. What type of fastener should I use to secure the straps? I'm under the impression that if I use steel screws, they will react with the copper in the straps and cause corrosion which could, over time, cause the pipes to lose their support. Any thoughts?

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    There must be an electrolyte present to get corrosion. You can use most anything in a dry installation.

    For reliabililty, I would use "sheet metal" type screws. "Dry wall" type screws are quite brittle and sometimes break for little apparent reason.

    They used to sell those clips with copper or copper-plated nails, but it is often a pain to drive nails in tight areas.

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    1 inch plastic pipe tights if you can get them in 1 inch, put the pipe through the plate, put the pipe tight on, drive it down with a hammer and that's it.

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