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Thread: Leaking Price Pfister Handles

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    Question Leaking Price Pfister Handles

    What a wonderful forum!!! Boy do I have a lot of questions. (Please bear with me)

    I just replaced the diverter and valve bodies in my master shower. Mainly because the diverter had issues. The Hot and cold handles always leaked (into the handle) but I expected this behavior to stop when I put in the new hot and cold valve bodies on (valve body may not be the correct term). Much to my disappointment, the water still leaks from inside the handles (a small but steady stream). It’s as if the water is running down the brass valve stem (again, I may not be using the correct terms) to the inside of the handle and then out the handle. The stems came already assembled to the valve bodies (and I’m not sure they can be removed). When I installed the new valve bodies, I just used the nylon gaskets they came with and some Teflon tape but the leak doesn’t appear to be from the threaded connection I made when installing. What’s more disturbing is that the replacement knobs and pipe cover stems (chrome decorative covers for the pipe between the wall and handles) seem to leak water. This means that if I screw the fluted pipe cover stems firmly against the faux marble wall, they will fill with water and the water will run into the holes and down the wall.
    I’ve loosened the pipe cover stems so that I can clearly see the larger portion of the valve bodies (about 1.5 inches from the wall) and there is no water leaking from that portion of the valve body and yet it’s still running from the handle and pipe cover which again leads me to believe that it’s leaking from the valve stem portion of the valve body. Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.

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