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Thread: Caulking New Shower Drain

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    Default Caulking New Shower Drain

    I had a new brass drain installed in my neo-angle shower. The PVC pipe is press fitted into the brass fitting that has about two inches of rubber casket that seals against the PVC pipe.

    My question is: will this not leak over time?

    Shouldn’t the plumber put caulk around the top edge of the PVC pipe (around the pipe edge that you can see if you pull off the top strainer)?


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    I use these all-brass drains for replacements of the plastic ones that seem to break all the time. The key to these drains is that compression from the brass ring that is used to compress the rubber seal does all the work. There should be no reason to worry about leaking if it is properly installed.

    It will not hurt to use caulk in the area you mentioned if you feel it would help. The only thing I see that goes wrong with them is the putty on the flange. If the bottom of the unit was not set in mortar the bottom will flex and slowly break down the putty and cause a leak. No flexing in the bottom and putty can last for years without problems.
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