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Thread: Shower Door Seal

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    I have a shower stall with a hinged glass door which has a vinyl or rubber seal that needs to be replaced. I've looked at various sources without any success.

    The seal has the texture of clear silicon, and the cross-section is in the shape of the letter T, or a small tack (nail). The horizontal bar, which slides into a recess along both the sides and the bottom of the door, is just under 1/8" across, and the overall height is just under 1/2". The vertical section starts with a thickness of under 3/32" and tapers to a point. I hope there's sufficinet description here for someone to go "Ahaa..." and suggest a source.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Replacement parts, such as door seals, can be very hard to find. HOWEVER, the T-shape you describe is one of teh 2 or 3 "generic" seals widely sold, Take a little piece of it into a depot or plumbing store and match it up.


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