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Thread: Water coming out of shower head

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    Default Water coming out of shower head

    Just wondering what would cause water to come out of the shower head when it should only be coming out of the tub faucet?

    Started a couple of months ago, when you would turn the taps on to fill the tub, the water would start coming out of the shower head as well. Thought it was an "old" plumbing issue. Remodelled the bathroom, changing everying. All the pipes and taps etc. Went to fill the tub and water started coming out the shower head again. Other than this, everything works great.

    Could it be a pressure issue?

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    More likely a diverter issue.
    Is your shower diverter in the wall or on the end of the spout?

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    Default Water coming out of shower head

    The diverter is at the end of the tub spout.

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    If the diverter is old try replacing it. It sounds like the diverter is not opening all the way while it is in the open position.


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