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Thread: American Standard diverter

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    Default American Standard diverter

    I have a c 1958 american standard diverter that I installed new washer on the end that contacts the valve seat in pluming line. Put new valve seat in too. I cannot remember how diverter with stem came out and thought it would be an "easy" installation. Whenever I tighten the brass washer after diverter is inside pipe, I can't turn diverter knob once it is attached. No shower water only tub spout water comes out and when shut off tub leaks at spout. Have replaced hot and cold units awhile back and then everything was ok. I cannot figure whether to insert diverter in a closed position or open it a little to where I think the shower position is. Is the washer on stem end of diverter to just contact opening on vale seat or snap inside this hole? Kind of need help...lol. Thanks very much. PS If I get a replacement diverter how do I install it? Thanks again. Richard

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    Default Am. Std.

    What do you mean? "the brass washer after diverter is inside pipe,"


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