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Thread: toilet layout question

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    Default toilet layout question


    I am in the middle of a master bathroom re-model and have encountered a dilemma. My preferred layout has my toilet mounted perpendicular to the floor joist. Each floor joist is a double 2 x 8. The 2 x 4 wall behind the toilet lies just on the back side of the double 2 x 8 floor joist. Viewing the layout from side the elevation I have the following conditions.

    ? 2 x 4 wall running parallel to the floor joist. The finished wall surface facing the toilet is on the back side of the double floor joist.

    ? The spacing between the floor joists are 14 ??.

    ? Measuring out 12? from the finished wall I am 9? from one floor joist and 5 ?? from the other.

    ? All of the drawings and layouts for roughing in a toilet show a closet bend just below the floor flange. Q ? Is it possible to have a vertical drop directly below the floor flange so I can clear the floor joist?

    ? Q - If this is possible can I then install a sanitary tee at the wall location (~ 14? from the centerline of the toilet flange).

    ? My plan is to have a dedicated vent for the toilet. Q - Can I use a 2? vent line? ? I live in Northern California where there is no or very little snow. The previous vent was a 1 ?? but the toilet never did flush well.

    ? This house was built around 1960 using 4? cast iron for the main drain. Q ? If the above is all acceptable do you recommend 3? or 4? piping from the toilet to existing main drain?

    Thank you in advance for your support in this matter


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    You can drop vertically from the flange, to a 90 bend and go below the floor joists, and then over the wall to a santee fitting.
    Santees can be used on the vertical for vents
    Wye fittings are used on the horizontal for vents.
    A 2" vent will work there. UPC plumbing code is used in CA I believe.


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