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Thread: Swanstone Neo Shower Floor & High Gloss Walls

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    Default Swanstone Neo Shower Floor & High Gloss Walls

    I was wondering what opinions are out there on the quality of the Swanstone Neo Angle Fiberglass Shower Base & High gloss walls.

    They look exactly like the one I have had in my bathroom for over 20 years. Over the years, however, the coating has worn off the soapdish and around the base of the walls. I believe I chipped the coating on the base during all the times I scraped and I replaced the caulk.

    So what is the opinion out there on Swanstone versus other brands?

    I find it amazing that the design has not changed in all these years.

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    I prefer a tiled shower....it isn't as hard as you think. If you want to get some background and help, check out www.johnbridge.com and spend some time reading posts and the info in their liberry (sic).

    If you decide to go with a pre-fab, follow the (often optional) instructions to put something under the pan to fully support it, it will make it last longer, look better (minimizes stress fractures), and feel like a much more substantial. Doing it that way also makes it easy to get the base to sit perfectly level which makes the rest of it go together much easier.
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