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Thread: removing the screw on a 3 handle shower faucet

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    Default removing the screw on a 3 handle shower faucet

    I am pulling my hair out over this. i have a 3 handled shower and the hot water faucet handle broke, it is plastic. i removed the cap revealing a screw, ok here is the hard part. THE SCREW WILL NOT COME OUT!! I have tried turning it with a screwdriver but it will not budge. This is a older shower faucet but not ancient. Does anyone know why the screw wont come out. To take a shower we have to use a screw driver to turn the hot water off or on. The screw will turn and that is what turns on the water but how to I change the plastic handle since the screw will not come out?

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    Get a torch and heat the screw as hot as possible. Then try removeing the screw. Yoy should also be able to replace the stem now that there is no handle. Be sure to turn off the water at the main.

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    Craftsmen makes a tool called " Screwz-out". Basically looks like a drill bit with the edge ground reverse. Takes a litle technique, but they are great. You have to apply a lot of pressure and set the drill motor for low speed/high torque. It bites into any screw head, no matter how badly damaged.


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