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Thread: Envitonmental license for septic tank

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    Default Envitonmental license for septic tank

    I was told I need an environmental license for my cabin's septic tank. The old one is 1000 gallons and about 30 years old, no license back then.I want to sell it and I guess it will not pass the new regulation so I will check with the Natural resources people. I was told a new tank (2000) gal. woud be expensive, maybe $5000. Any advice or comments, I live in Manitoba.Thanks.

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    You might be able to get a license without changing the system.

    Two thousand gallons sounds like a big tank for a cabin. Usually a a tank should have at least the capacity for 24 hours detention time. But I expect that the size of the tank won't affect the cost very much.

    It the leaching field needs to be reconstructied, that is the big cost.

    Somewhere there should be a document of septic system standards and design requirements.


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