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Thread: Help - Cast iron sanitary tee under sink

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    Default Help - Cast iron sanitary tee under sink

    I have a cast iron tee under my kitchen sink, and some of the threads that the ridgid nipple was screwed into are gone and the water just dumps out right into my kitchen cabinet. I am going to cut the tee out and replace it with PVC. My question is that is there an easier way to do this? I am an electrician and know alot about pipes, but not alot about plumbing. Am I going about this the right way? The bottom of the nipple actually rusted out and when I took it off, I noticed the thread problem. I plan on cutting the cast iron right beneath the tee, and then I should be able to put my channelocks on the piece that left and pull it out of the donut and connect the PVC up right there and then use a 2' to 1' 1/2 rubber coupling to connect the PVC to the copper. Is a donutb and a tyseal gasket the same piece different name?, and is there a trick to breaking these out of the hub? Then I should stub a little piece of 1 1/2 out of the middle of the tee and hook my trap up right? Any advice would be gratly appreciated. I HAVE PICS TOO, but it says they are too big. Thanks. Take care.

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    If you look closely you may be able to remove the old nipple threads from the fitting in the wall and install a PVC male adaptor. Check this first.

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    It is unlikely that the piece will pull out of the gasket. You almost need a press to put them together, and usually need something likel that to pull them apart. You may be better off, cutting the pipe below the hub, and connecting to the straight piece left over.


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