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Thread: Swap Sears shallow well pump for new one, questions

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    There are alot of good pumps on the market for well use or as booster pumps. As Speedbump noted, good heavy cast iron pumps are the only way to go. Myers, Goulds, Sta-rite, Berkeley, etc. are all good pumps. I also try to stay away from the stainless pumps and the Euro style motors.
    I also live where ambient temperatures can reach 120 degrees. Often, if a pump has a history of going through motors, we'll install the next size bigger, such as a 1 hp motor on a 3/4 hp pump, to lessen the stress on the motor.
    p.s. You ought to see the black plastic pumps that crack when the temp is 120 degrees ambient!!!

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    I use 1hp pumps. I pump from a storage tank pumping 3000 to 5000 gallons a day so I really use them. I had an experience with cast iron pumps. Problem was a plastic impeller.

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    You can buy cast iron pumps with Brass impellers. They are not the norm, but National pump offers them both ways.



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