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Thread: Double kitchen sink drain question

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    Default Double kitchen sink drain question

    I just had my double kitchen sink replaced and now have to reconnect the drain. My plumbing experience is limited to replacing traps, replacing faucets, and replacing faucet innards plus I have never worked with PVC or ABS.

    The previous sink had identical side by side basins draining into a 1 1/2" brass T connection that lead to the trap that lead to a horizontal 1 1/2" galvanized pipe (it is at about a 45 degree angle from the wall to the center of the sink) connected to the main cast iron drain in the wall. The new sink has a deeper basin on one side with a drain closer to the wall than the original.

    My plan: The galvanized pipe leads past the new drains so I either have to unscrew it out and replace it with a shorter one (probably not going to happen) or just cut it. I figure I could connect the cut galvanized to a PVC or ABS trap via a no-hub connector.

    My problem: The one new drain is lower and close to the galvanized pipe. I have only about 2 1/2" from the threaded connector on the bottom of the drain to the mid point of the galvanized drain pipe into the wall. In that 2 1/2", from top to bottom, I need to fit a screw on connection to the drain above, connect to a T for the other drain and a connection to the new trap. The traps at my local Home Depot seem to need more room. I have a plumber coming in two days if I can't do this myself. Does PVC and ABS provide a means to make such a connection within 2 1/2"?
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