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Thread: Well No water pressure just rust water that trickes... Help!

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    Default Well No water pressure just rust water that trickes... Help!

    I had a well put in with an irrigation system back in 1995.. I noticed last year the water pressure was not that good. Well this past week I turned on the well to start my irrigation system, and there was no water at all! Nothing! No pressure what so ever.. What I did see though was rusted water coming out of the hoses outside and also the sprinkler heads were trickling rusty water. Could it be my worst fear? The well dryed up? My neighbors all have wells and have no issues with there water pressures.. I'm hoping maybe there is a clog of some sort, I don't know!

    Has anyone have any suggestions what I can do? I can't afford to have a person come out..

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



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    I would call a plumber that works on wells and have him evaluate the problem. Don't just call any plumber as many don't work on them.

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    Are the supply pipes galvanized steel? Do you know how deep your well is? how far is it to the water? what depth is your pump set at? You can often check the water level with a weighted string.
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