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Thread: Wall Hung Toilet with Floor Support

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    Default Wall Hung Toilet with Floor Support

    I need to replace two hall hung toilets, and I'd like to replace them with models that also have a floor base. I've seen the American Standard Yorkville, but I recall another model that was on Terry's list about a 18 months ago. I'd appreciate any recommendations on other brands and models that might fit this description. Thanks!

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    Default toilets

    Kohler also makes one, among other manufacturers. The thing to realize is that your wall hung opening has to be 4 1/2" center above the floor, and you need a different outlet pipe, plus removal of the wall hung support devices.

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    Default have you found out anything more?

    I have a job where one of these rear-discharge units might be the solution. have not used one before and am starting to learn about them.

    I'm getting the impression that they use conventional drainline components in the wall rather than the closet carriers required by wall-hung units. is this correct?

    are they all "pressure-assisted" and do any models perform better and/or are more quiet operating?

    thanks - Roy

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    Default Wall hung Toilet - Terry's List

    Thanks for the replies. The model from Terry's list a while back was not a Kohler, but another brand whose name was more obscure. The one thing I remember was that the price was around $400+, but it was defintely a rear-discharge unit with a floor pedestal base. If anyone remembers or can go back in the archives, your help is much appreciated.


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