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Thread: Hello and HELP!

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    Default Hello and HELP!

    I need some help.

    I need a "high performance" toilet (i have 2 boys going through potty training ) so i got after it last night. Well, my problem is that my counter top that is above where the toilet sits is only 29 1/2 inches from the floor. after a couple hours at HD and lowes i found that they dont carry any that will fit. I tried an elgier titan with 1 inch clearance but found i need more than 1 inch.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on brands that will fit in my small area but still provide STRONG flushing??

    p.s. i live in dallas if you need that info.

    p.s.s. Hi and thanks for this forum...nice to meet you in advance!

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    Two things. First, forget about the toilets at the Big Box Stores. They are el cheapos that are noted for not working well. Second. Go to the home page of this site and click on Terry's report on toilets.

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    thanks a ton. i just got done reading terrys report and it looks like the following MIGHT fit???

    toto carlyle, plymouth and ultimate 1 piece.

    they seem to be under 28 inches tall. however, i wonder if that is still too tall...what i mean is will i be able to install one of those with the wax ring and bolts if i only have an inch or so room to get it in the space???

    thanks again.

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    Toto Supreme is another option.

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    The tank covers these toilets are about 2" high.

    After the toilet is installed, then you set the tank cover on.

    You will have plenty of room.

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    thanks everyone, just ordered the "supreme".


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