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Thread: jetted bathtub not working

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    Default jetted bathtub not working

    A couple of years ago, my house was flooded with several inches of water. Since then, my jetted bathtub (not spa) no longer works. I.E. the jets no longer pump water when I press the "on" button. I assume there must be a pump somewhere inside the tub, but there is no visbile access to get inside. No panel, no nothing. Maybe there is a panel comes off, but it's not very obvious to me where. I only can assume the electrical wiring or pump (or both) was damaged by the water. Question: who do I call for this kind of repair? An electrician? A plumber? I'm selling my home and have a guy who is doing some remodel touch ups, but he doesn't know how to handle this one. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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    Best bet is to call the tub manufacturer.They will probably have an authorized guy in your vicinity.

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    Default thanks

    thanks for the advice. However, there is nothing to indicate who manufactured the tub. No label, no inscription, no documentation from the builder (from 15 years ago). Zilch. I have been on my hands and knees looking at every inch of the tub and there is nothing to indicate where it came from. Since it is 15 years old, maybe they didn't label things back then. Or, it may be of a cheaper quality. I don't know. But it would seem that a manufacturer would want their product to be labeled. Maybe the new ones these days do. I think what I probably should do is just call a tub manufacturer (Koehler, etc.) and ask them what type of repair person does this kind of work.

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    First thing I'd do is check the fuse panel or breaker box and make sure everything is actually on. This tub will probably have its own breaker. Sometimes they look okay, but are actually tripped. It could be connected to a plug with a gfci, too. That could be tripped. If you have fuses, check all of them. The panel is supposed to be labeled as to what it supplies...

    Have you looked in any closet that might back up to the tub? There could be a hidden panel there. Sometimes the apron panel of the tub pops off. Do you see a seam under the lip? It may just pop off. Even a tiled panel can be made to pop off. Is there any trim at the sides that looks like it could come off?

    A good electrician should be able to figure it out. If you can use a multimeter, you can at least figure out if the thing is getting power to it. Mine uses a plug in controller. It plugs into the wall and the motor cord plugs into it. To bypass the controller, you can just plug it directly into the wall. You only get max speed, and it won't shut off on its own that way (that function is provided by the plug-in box), but it verifies if the motor is working.

    If playing with the motor controls, make sure you don't run the pump without enough water in the tub or you'll ruin the motor.

    Water and motors not designed to get wet may have fried something, but it could just be the power is tripped.
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    Default good feedback

    Pro or not, that's more detailed information than I've had up to this point. I'll followup with all your tips. Thanks for your help.................

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    Default pump

    The pump should be plugged into a GFCI outlet, and that would have tripped if the motor had gotten wet.


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