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Thread: Pump pressure safety switch

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    Default Pump pressure safety switch

    Hi guys!
    With my recent post concerning high water pressure from a well, I now have a question that I hope someone can answer. Since my pressure switch is on a flexible rubber hose in the top of my well, and my pressure tank is burried, I want to protect my system. I had the flex hose feeding the pressure switch rupture several years ago, allowing the pump to run, sending water pressure above 100 psi, and blowing several flex hoses feeding toilets, etc, and generally making one heck of a mess! I have recently obtained a high pressure cut off switch, with a reset button, for feeding the steam jenny in our truck shop. This switch is designed to shut off power to both an electric valve, and the steam jenny motor if water pressure exceedes 75 psi, and is designed for 220 volt, 30 amp applications. My question is, could I install this in my crawl space where the water line enters my house, and bring my well power supply through this switch? If the line inside of my well ruptures again, allowing the water pressure to rise, this switch will trip, shutting off electric to the pump, protecting both my plumbing and my pressure tank bladder, and I will know to check out my system.

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    Sure, as long as it is rated for the power you are useing

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    Default where o where

    I need one of those high pressure cut-off switches with manual reset. I used to have a Square D one but it went bad and they don't make it anymore. Anyone know of a Brand and/or location I would appreciate it.


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