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Thread: WILL IT FIT!!! whirlpool in slab basement

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    Default WILL IT FIT!!! whirlpool in slab basement

    I found the perfect whirlpool jetted tub for my basement and need to know if it will work out or if I am getting in over my head. the drain plug on the tub is 11" from one wall and 28" from the other, the drain in the concrete is 7.5" X 23.5". I can elevate the tub if need be. second the toilet stubbing is 14.5 inchs from the tub if it were in place is this enough room for a toliet? I am in Iraq and trying to get an idea what to do when I return home but the tub is on sale so I need to know if I should take the risk and get it while it is cheap.

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    The toilet is too close for comfort, so to speak, and for code , which would be 15" minimum. Raising the tub is probably a bad idea. Seems like the easy solution, but usually turns into a complete cluge. Jackhammering the slab is often not as big a job as you might suspect. You should probably talk to a general contractor who would be familiar with any possible issues.....steel, post tension, etc.


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