Last fall I had installed a 48 gal. high recovery water heater manufactured by Bradfordwhite which provides barely enough hot water for 2 back-to-back showers using the Captain's Quarters 3 shower heads @ 2.5 gpm I purchased from this site. Now, my wife insists on removing the bathtub and installing a new shower with 4 Kohler Water Tiles @ 2.5 gpm and a 2.5 gpm handheld unit. The plumber who is going to do the installation has suggested that I consider installing a Munchkin Boiler and Super Stor Ultra Indirect Water Heater. While acknowledging that the Indirect Heater is not inexpensive, he states that I will save up to 50% on my gas costs. I have no way of determining how much I am going to actually save and how long the payback period would be. Alternatively, the plumber also suggest I see if the present setup will supply enough hot water and, if cannot, then we could always install the Indirect Water Heater later. I would like to get this project over at one time rather than doing it piecemeal, but I also don't want to make an unnecessary large expenditure. If I should bite the bullet now, then that's what I will do. Any thoughts or suggestions etc. would be greatly appreciated.