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Thread: Tile Redi Shower Module

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    Question Tile Redi Shower Module

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with a waterproof tile ready shower pan? It seems like a great product as you do not have to install a wet bed when building a new shower. You can also tile right on top of it. The website is www.tileredi.com. Any information would be appreciated.


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    I'm doing a shower with another system: Kerdi. It's sold by schluter systems www.schluter.com

    I really like this system for a couple reasons:

    1) You can pick and choose components. You can just get the waterproofing membrane and make your own 'mud' floor', or you can use their presloped tray and membrane. They have trays that come in 48x48 or 32x60.

    2) The Internet support for this product is unparalleled. Schluter has videos and all kinds of manuals. But even better is Johnbridge.com. Check out the forums there for tiling a shower. They've really took all of the intimidation out of this daunting task for a diyer.
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    Smile These shower pans are the way to go.

    I just purchased my second Tile Redi shower pan from them on a renovation job. I really like that it takes me no time to install... What a great way to tile showers. Especially they shipped out to me in 3 days. www.tileredi.com



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