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Thread: Tankless heater help on install .....

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    I have been asked by a few, what to do to fix the problems with tankless heaters but lets start where we should.

    Installation....there are a few factors needed to address for the right installation.

    Location: You want to get it as close to the demand as possible.

    Venting: Keep it as short as you can to keep down the cost and it's effiency up.

    Gas supply: It is very important to size the system properly. NEVER use a gas flex to connect to the unit. Hard pipe if you can. If you choose to use flexable gas pipe like GASTITE always check you calculations you usually have to upsize. Standard gas flex you use on a stove or a dryer will NOT work.

    Water condition: Make sure the quality of the water in the home or commercial building is correct. Have it tested. It does make a difference

    These simple steps will save you a lot of headaches. Whether you have a tank or tankless the condition of the water is critical in the life of your plumbing system and appliances.

    Use the proper service valves. they make life easy if there is ever a need to use them. Remember it will likely be you to service what you install.

    http://boschhotwater.com Its not for advertisement its for education. There is a lot of info that can help you in your decision. For my fellow proffesionals go to http://protankless.com/ Most of your question will be answered there.

    If you need help just ask........I'll be glad to help you
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