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Thread: ?ID Bath Faucet Type-Kohler, 1937? Stem?

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    Default ?ID Bath Faucet Type-Kohler, 1937? Stem?


    What kind of faucet style is below and it is leakin. It has a nice feel to it, hefty & I think I can clean it up well. Kohler is on the handles.

    Is this an old traditional stem style? I cleaned the portion next to wall & hit it w/ penetrating oil. I tried to unthread it but won't move. I gently smacked all the sides to shock it loose. It's hard to get a good hold of the flat sides for a pipe wrench. My 460 channel locks didn't work.

    I have never worked on this type of faucet. It started a steady leak as I was finally done using it to pail flush my toilet that I just fired up 3 days ago. I just want to stop the leak for now. I'd like to salvage it.

    Got any idea on age?


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