I have a bi-level house that is pitched down to one side...We have a sump pump pit in the garage and a drain pit outside and somehow both are connected..Dont know how.., i bet thru a line...i want to improve the pit in the garage...it's kind small to fit a sump bowl container that sells home depot...I was wondering if instead i can put gravel on the bottom...and let the sump pump rest on top, instead on the dirt that is there....I think there is metal cylinder right now...is rusty and worn out...Maybe you can figure it out and tell me what's the best course of action...
The drain line is a hose and it goes thru the house and shoots to the backyard...I have to test this...I dont know how will the sump pump will pump the water to the backyard, in a straight line. is this possible? I mean is common sense that water runs downward and not upward or in a straight line....

also, i can make a custom made sump bowl but how should it look like?should it be perforated? i dont understand how both drain pits are connected. i dont see any incoming water line in the sump (garage) pit. The sump pit does get water, but not instantenously...As you can see from the pics, the drain pit outside is almost full after a rain day, but the garage pit is almost empty.. I have noticed it takes awhile to be filled, maybe a day.. Maybe it wasnt installed properly, it wouldnt surprise me in this house and it was hidden during home inspection