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Thread: Laundry drain conundrum - drain CWM into bathtub?

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    Default Laundry drain conundrum - drain CWM into bathtub?

    Pardon my ignorance - I'm a professional computer geek, not a plumber.

    I recently bought a condo apartment in Seattle and want to install a compact ventless clothes washer dryer combo unit to avoid trips to the basement laundry room. (Nothing in the bylaws limits my right to do this, fortunately.)

    Naturally, the drain's the rub.

    I have a walk-in closet that happens to be directly under the water heater (overhead in the storage loft so access to hot and cold supply is not a problem) and shares a common wall with the foot of the bathtub.

    This gave me the idea of fixing the drain hose to a "dummy" tub spout (or otherwise running the hose through the wall) to drain into the bathtub. It seems like this would adequately provide for an air gap and the tub's ample capacity (many times that of the small front-loading washing machine) would adequately buffer the drainage flow over time.

    Would this be a realistic alternative to spending many kilobucks cutting willy-nilly into the walls and/or subfloors to find and plumb into drains and vents? If not, why not?
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