A 20 GPM low-head submersible in the well will pump all the water your 1" pipe will handle. You will need to run a 12/2 UF at 230 volts to the pump.

Since you don't have either the sprinkler system or pump yet, you might consider connecting the sprinkler system at the well location and just run the 1" to the tank in the basement. Then most of the flow will go to your sprinkler system when the pump is running and the 1" pipe won't be a constriction.

If you are going to the trouble of installing a sprinkler system and buying a pump for it, then finding a way to get a 12/2 230 volt line to the pump should be a small part of the job.

If a 10 GPM pump will meet your needs, (or, more likely, will pump the well dry) then the easiest solution is to put the smaller pump in the basement. If 10 GPM won't meet your needs, then the only solutions are to put the pump is the well or put in a larger pipe.

Like the man at the fair with the Kewpie dolls says, "You pay your money and take your choice."