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Thread: Turning on sprinkler system in spring

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    Default Turned on sprinkler system and leaking at the vacuum breaker

    This is the first time I've had to turn on the sprinkler system as we just got our sprinkler system installed last spring. I had a professional winterize it in the fall.

    I did the opposite directions of how to winterize the system imagining that it's the same instructions as how to turn it on.

    When I got to the last step, to turn on the main water valve, just 1/2 way. I went outside to check to make sure it was ok. I noticed the water was leaking from the top of the Pressure Vaccuum Breaker. Looks a bell and seal thing. I turned the main water valve on slowly too just as they instructed.

    Because it was leaking water like that I turned the main water valve to the sprinkler system back off.

    Is the leaking of the water from the top of the Vacuum Breaker normal and will occur when first turning it on? Or is the Vaccuum Breaker unit broken?

    Did I have to turn on one of my automatic zones manually first to allow water to get through?

    thanks for any help!
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