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Thread: Square D abysmal website

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    I've made the mistake of fooling around with my Square D pumptrol switch. I tried to find info about starting from scratch- as in how to bring everything back to normal. Hi have a welextrol tank set at 28 lbs. The Pumptrol switch is the common kind, with the two nuts holding down spring loaded screws. I've read tons about how to set the pressure tank but can't find much about where to start. Lets assume i've turned this nut down and loosened that one and so on. Where do I start to bring things back? My pump (Sta-rite) comes on all the time. Seems like no matter what I do it will not bring the guage to show more than 45 psi. Water in the house pulses. Suggestions? Thanks!

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    Go to page 38 in the PDF file at the link. http://www.goulds.com/pdf/TTECHWP.pdf


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