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    I recently inhereted a cottage from my (late) Grandfather, and in the process of discovering what needed repairs, found that the old hand water pump didn't work. Well...actually it did for one or two pumps, then it just wouldn't draw water any longer. Once back in town I went to the local hardware store, and though they had a 'universal repair kit' for it, they had no real idea how to install it! This thing is completely outside my experience, and though I can likely mess with it until I figure it out, I'd rather not in case I bugger it any worse than it is already. What I'd really like is some sort of diagram that shows the internal pieces of the pump so I'd know what it's SUPPOSED to look like inside. I have no idea what the 'make' or 'model' of it is (they seem to be long ago worn off ), but it has "Made in Canada" on the side of the pump handle, and the repair kit seems to have a leather diaphram of sorts in it. Thanks!

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    It is probably a pitcher pump.


    You may have to attach your own http://www to the second link. This site seems to put ... in place of much of the longer links.

    Pitcher pumps can be attached to a point that goes down into the aquifer, or they can be attached to a drop pipe that goes into a shallow well. You will have to look at the pump to see where it comes apart so you can work on it. You may have to remove it from the well pipe. You will want to seal that connection when you re-install the pump.

    If it is on a drop pipe going into the well, be sure you don't drop the drop pipe.

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    Thanks. That's similar (the one I have here is metal), but it should at least give me a good idea of what should go where . Thanks again!
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