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Thread: sewage pump vs grinder pump

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    Default sewage pump vs grinder pump

    I have a question concerning the selection of a sewage pump or grinder pump for an application that requires pumping of effluent through a 1700 foot, 2 inch diameter line with no elevation. The sewage is from two toilets directly and other sources ( four hand sinks, one three compartment sink )through a grease trap. The peak expected sewage flow is 20 GPM. Will a sewage pump be adequate for this job or should I go for the mor expensive grinder pump?

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    If you don't have things to grind up, don't go with a grinder unless you need more pressure for some reason. The 1700 foot line shouldn't have that much pressure drop at 20 gpm. If there is sewage, an effluent pump certainly won't work. They only pass very small solids. So the Sewage pump sounds like the right pump for the job. I recomend a vortec impeller.

    The above all depends on what is at the other end of the pipe.


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    At 20 gpm's that 1700' line is going to give you 12.41 foot of head for the system, add that to what ever else elevation difference there is and find a pump that will do that design point.


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