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Thread: No Pressure For Yard Hydrant Unless Pump Is On

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    Default No Pressure For Yard Hydrant Unless Pump Is On

    Over the winter I installed a new holding tank, pressure switch, etc. in the house. Works mint. Now this spring my yard hydrant didn't work. The hydrant is off the same line that comes to the house. I dug up the hydrant, thinking that was the issue. Then I see water comes out of the line only when the pump is activated (yes, I dug it up for nothing). So basically when the hydrant is on I get no water unless the pump is on too. Shouldn't the hydrant work and activate the pump if needed? I'm a little confused because this all worked fine for the last 10 years with my old set up (holding tank, pressure switch, etc.). The reason I replaced all that to begin with is becasue the pump was constantly going on and off, due to a busted bladder. I added air about once a month for the last year or so before I finally got around to replacing it. Long story short, the only time I can use my hydrant is when my pump is going. Any suggestions?
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