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Thread: Well problem

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    Default Well problem

    In the past few weeks while using the water in the house it will stop for a second or two and flow again. We are on a deep well system and when the water stops running there is a click at the relay by the presure tank. Do you have any thoguhts on what it might be?. The system is only about 1 year old.

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    It sounds like something that would happen if you don't have the correct amount of air in your tank. You might have too much pressure.

    Shut off your pump switch or breaker and drain the tank by running water until it quits. Then measure the air pressure in the tank. It should be 2 psi LESS than the PUMP START pressure on your pressure switch.

    If it is too high, you can increase the pressure setting on your pump (if the pump has the capability to deliver higher pressure), or you can lower the air pressure in the tank. In any case, you need to get to the condition 2 psi less than start pressure when tank is empty.

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    Thanks will give it a try.


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