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Thread: Eljer Titan toilet product review, Rated #1 by Consumer Reports

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    That is a characteristic of virtually all 1.6ers. The flapper drops with only 1/3 of the water drained. Hold it open and you get the hold tank.

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    Default Eljer Titan One Flush

    I purchased an Eljer Titan after reading reviews on the web. It was the first toilet I installed and it is still working beautifully. There has been no leaks and it truly is a one flush. Also, as others have noted there is a another flush ready to go if you ever need it.

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    I'm sort of confused on people's stance with the Titan. Consumer Reports in 2005 thought it was awesome, and many on other websites really dig it. But far and away, Toto seems to get the nod for making the best fixtures.

    Right now I can get a Titan for ~$250 at my local hardware store. I don't have to wait nervously for it to be shipped from an online retailer hoping it arrives intact (I may have to with a Toto Eco Drake). If there's a problem with it, I can return it. Even on this site, Terry says the Titan has a good flush and is comprable to a Toto Drake. But I still detect a bit of indifference on the forums towards this toilet. It was the one I was going to put in for my first-ever toilet install (replacing 3 7GPF American Standards from the late '70's), but am now not so sure. Is there anything wrong with the Titan toilets? Is there anything that I should be aware of with them? Are the Drakes and Eco Drakes really that much better than a Titan to justify shipping a Toto in instead? Would I be miserable with a Titan?

    I am leaning heavily towards the Eco Drake, my local plumber supply is charging higher prices than online retailers. I don't want to have to return a busted loo to an online retailer. Too bad toilets aren't like cars where a person can 'test drive' them

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    The Eljer Titan is no longer being made.
    Eljer was bought out by Bain Capital.
    What you see, is the end of the run.

    Consumer Reports likes almost anything. But their stuff never leaves their warehouse.

    Some of their previous "Best Buys" had too many problems and are no longer available. If they had done their research, they would never have gotten their "best buy".

    CR Best Buy Eljer Aqua Saver, with the PF/2 pressure assist (No longer being made)

    If you have a tank like this, the best place for repair parts would be Sloan Flushmate.
    They have a replacement that fits into the existing tank.

    a few of the 'problem units' cut in half (with a diamond saw)
    Briggs Vacuity (Even CR had little good to say a few years later.

    The Titan was roughly copied from the Drake, but without quality control or the same manufacturing expertise.
    When a customer would come over, and I showed them both, it was an easy pick to go with the Drake.

    CR knows about TOTO, but they know I like them. Families and businesses also like Toto.
    CR doesn't like plumbers writing about plumbing fixtures, nor do they care to read what women think.
    Can you imagine a woman sitting on a bowl in the middle of the night and reaching back to flush the Eljer with PF/2?
    I tried one in my home for two weeks, and it was almost cause for divorce. I would like to hear from the wives of Consumer Reports. They would have written a better report.
    Consumer Reports wants to flush "Consumer Toilet Report" site
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    Default Eljer Titan

    Consumer Reports now lists their top choice from years before as one of thier lowest choices.
    From first to almost worse in just two issues.

    Though from what my suppliers are saying, it's not being made anymore anyway.

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    Default Eljer Toilets

    I hope you get this resolved. I've heard nothing but good things about Eljer. The models I looked at seemed extremely well made. Hope to be replacing two toilets at home with Eljers this summer.

    Eljer Toilets

    Quote Originally Posted by Reader Review View Post
    Unable to stop my titan from leaking at the wax seal despite three plumbers, double wax seals etc. The raised part of the bowl(underneath) seems undersized compared to the picture on your website and my old toilet. Does not appear to be cracked anywhere and seeps/leaks intermittently. I am sure it is a poor seal but perplexed what to do next except maybe put the old toilet back in and return the titan to the store. Your thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Is this a commom problem due to the force of the flush etc. thank you!

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    Do to a physical obstruction behind the toilet (radiator), we only had three choices for a new toilet. We got the Titan Pro, which is now marketed under both the Eljer name and the American Standard name. We did not get one of the "seconds" from the big box store, but special ordered through our local Ace hardware. Went together perfectly, no leaks when installed, love the way it flushes, and after three months of use we can say its the best toilet we've ever owned.

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