We own a drive-in movie theater which was built in the late 40's. The toilets don't flush in a manner that makes any sense. The concession stand in on a concrete slab. I don't want to cut concrete.

My idea is to install rear outlet vacuum flush toilets, run a new sewage line and install proper venting.

Does Toto make a floor mounted rear outlet toilet?

I believe that the current problems we are having is caused by improper venting. If you flush the toilet in the middle, it fills up and then slowly drains. But then if you flush the toilet closest to the septic, they both drain. That is just one scenario. There are all kinds of weird things going on.

These toilets are driving us mad. We completely replaced the septic field, dug up the lines to the holding tank and the stupid toilets still don't go down. But then sometimes they do go down.