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Thread: Whirlpool Water Heaters

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    Talking Whirlpool Water Heaters

    I hate this brand of water heater....they are junk......

    and something I just found out today from another
    dis-satisfied LOWES --WHIRLPOOL customer...

    un like a Rheem, Bradford White, Smith or State........
    who stand behind their product 100%

    with the Whirlpool brand

    If you inherit a Whirlpool water heater when you buy a home
    from someone and they claim it was just put in last year......and it
    has a 12 year warranty......

    you think you got that issue covered for a good long while, right???

    Well, the warranty on this heater does NOT transferr to you !!!

    Whirlpool will only warranty a leaking wter heater to the person
    that purchased the heater.....not to the new occupant of the home....

    Now ----Isnt that a dirty-- rotten --cheap assed way-- to worm out of their obligations to the consumer????

    would you still buy one if you knew this???

    Whirlpool Water Heater pictures

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