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Thread: Toto Aquia - a lay person's review

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    Default Toto Aquia - a lay person's review

    We recently purchased and installed two Toto Aquia toilets. Here is a brief summary of our opinions:

    Pros: Very, very quiet with a very small footprint and profile - our bathrooms are small. Because of the low flow option, the refill time is shortened and the overall noise level is reduced. The bowl remains clean. The incorporated skirt is asthetically pleasing despite the two piece design. The elimination of the flapper valve is likely to result in less future maintenance (my own guess). Because the trap assembly rests on the floor and is independent of the china exterior, I believe that the wax ring is not affected by the weight of the bowl - could reduce the likelihood of future leak problems?

    Cons: Installation is apparently challenging because additional screws are required to secure the plastic trapway. Because of the small water trap, a tinkling sound is audible when a small volume outflow passes through plastic assembly into the waste pipe - noticeable if water is added to the bowl. The bolt holes of the tank need to be sanded to remove burrs that can cause leaks. Also, the bolts need careful adjustment to avoid leaks.

    I would like to install a third one, however, that bathroom has a rear trap.

    Again, I am not a plumber but have "repaired" several toilets. A similar toilet is manufactured by Porcher but lacks the quiet "Korky" type fill valve and the flush capacity seems to be less than that of the Aquia.

    Just my opinions . . .

    Finally, Terry thank you for taking the time and your generosity for maintaining the wonderfully informative website!
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    Why wouldn't anyone want one is a mystery to me considering that you save somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 gallons per year per person of water.

    Dual flush is big all over europe/asia/australia etc for 5-10 years now.
    For a variety of reasons it didn't catch on here until Now. The Aquia is toilet that will change that imo.

    It can take twice as long to install. Especially if your plumber never installed one before. no biggie.


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