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Thread: PVC for main line

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    Default PVC for main line

    I'm redoing my pipe main line from meter to the house. I like to know if I can use PVC sch 40 or sch 80 for it? How deep do I need to dig? It's about 20 feet long with 1" pipe. I'm in S. California, Los Angeles.

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    For a 20' run I would use K copper reguardles of where you live. Your local codes will dictate the depth.
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    In most areas you have to use at least a 5' piece of copper at the building and at the water meter, so it makes absolutely no sense to use PVC for the small intermediate section. Besides taking more time to make the connections, the male PVC thread into a female copper fitting will frequently crack due to settling or other stress. I never use PVC for anything less than 100' since up to that length I can use a single piece of copper.


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