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Thread: TOTO AQUIA-Commercial Applications?

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    Default TOTO AQUIA-Commercial Applications?

    I have friends that are doing commercial and residential remodeling.
    They are new owners of a fairly large Nursery in this small rustic community. (plants-cactus).

    Like myself they subscribe to the green/sustainable theory etc.
    And no doubt they will seriously consider Aquia's for their residence which is fine.

    I have some serious reservations about recommending an Aquia for this nursery based on my limited experience with the toilet. I'd like to get some opinions from anyone with experience or information regarding this.

    A few thoughts:

    1.No doubt TOTO was successful with Aquia's in Thailand for 6 years and likely many commercial applications as well presumably in Bangkok.
    The fact is that most Thai men weigh 50-100 lbs less than many American men.

    2. Who/How/Where does the education about "Dual flush" happen?
    It seems to me this could be a potential nightmare with some varying factors.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the whole dual flush concept will
    be embedded in our psyche in the coming years. BUT we aren't there yet.

    note: The Aquia Button is clearly labeled with a removable sticky label .9 and 1.6 flush.
    Actually I'm anticipating about 15 responses of: "Have you lost your freakin' mind..?"
    And Somehow I don't think that big burly catus delivery guys are concerned or impressed with the soft close seat either.

    I already know the answer to this-but I haven't seen it discussed yet...

    What is the best-state of the art commercial toilet available for light and medium seasonal traffic. Drake??
    Is it available with Sanigloss?

    I know nothing about commercial plumbing ratings.

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