I've replumbed my house overhead after a spate of under-slab leaks. I used CPVC, terminated by 90 degree CPVC-to-copper transition drop-ear elbows to 1/2" FPT. These things lurk well behind the drywall. I'm using a copper male adapter and a short length of copper pipe to get out to where the stops will be. I figured it'd be no problem using a deep socket to tighten the male adapter, but didn't anticipate that the hex on the copper male adapter is something like 27/32" or maybe 21.5mm -- nothing near any standard wrench I've got in a pretty extensive collection. Obviously I haven't collected the "right" wrench for these things -- is there some special deep socket-like thingy that's sold only in expensive to-the-trade stores only? Or does anyone have a suggestion? I've thought of soldering another fitting (maybe the stop, although I wanted to use compression fittings on them) on the outside end of the 3" pipe and using that fitting to tighten the inner fitting, but I'm not excited about that. Basin wrench would work, but I don't want to tear up the wall. Suggestions welcome.