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Thread: Basement toilet plumbing

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    Default Basement toilet plumbing

    I am installing a sewage ejector system in my basement. The set up will be in a line. Sink, toilet, shower, pump behind the shower.

    I will use 3" for main drain, bush down for the sink and shower. My question is: Since my toilet will be attempting to discharge at a 90 degree angle to the flow of the main drain can I use a "T" to tap in for the toilet, or do I need to try to direct the discharge more towards the flow of the main drain?

    I never want to see these pipes again!!!!


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    Do not use a tee. Use a wye which will give you more of an angle to direct flow. You can either go right into the wye or add a street 45 to go perpendicular to the pipe you are tapping into.


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