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Thread: Solderless Copper Bonding

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    Post Solderless Copper Bonding

    Looking for feedback / comments concernig solderless copper bonding.

    I am re-doing a bath and although I have no issues soldering copper pipes I ran across "JACO Just for Copper" solderless copper. They claim it has been extensivley tested, is safe for gas /water to 600 lbs, and is safe in all application aspects from adherence to heat.

    Has anyone had any negative experience as I am considering using this product to plumb my new bath pipes all around.

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    Default Solderless copper connections

    I've never heard of this before. As a non professional, I know there are many things I haven't heard of, but I think a variation of the old adage, "If a ain't broke, don't fix it" would be approprate here. We KNOW solder works, so why experment with something new?

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    Default glue

    Plastic pipes that are meant to be glued together can separate after many years. Why would you, or anyone, want to trust gluing together pipes that were not intended to be glued, then cover them up with sheetrock, paint, and tile? If I were to do that I would spend many sleepless nights wondering if it was as "safe" as the advertisements said. As far as gas piping, I am sure any inspector who saw a glued copper gas system would burst out laughing as he wrote the red rejection slip.

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    As I understand this product, you would have to glue a piece wait for it to harden, and on and on, since the joint can't be moved and sets up like PVC cement. Isn't it easier to put everything together then sweat all the fittings at once? It also has no long term, proven track record under actuaI use. I think the adage, "Be neither the first to try the new nor the last to discard the old" applies here. Buy some copper fittings and practice sweating them. It's faster, easier and you will be sure they will hold water.


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