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Thread: Saddle Tee or Wye to Cast Iron

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    Default Saddle Tee or Wye to Cast Iron


    I have a 4" Cast Iron Pipe that I would like to put a 4 x2 wye tap on, then connect a water softener discharge line to. The line is at a 45-degree angle. How do I drill or cut the hole for the saddle into the cast? Also do I need a back flow device and or a trap and or vent?

    All help and advice would be appreciated!


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    You need a fitting inserted into the drain line, not a saddle, and you need all three. A backflow in the form of an air gap, a trap, and a vent. You might also want to consider some form of anti flood backup control so the sewer does not overflow the drain and flood the area in the event the sewer becomes obstructed.


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