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Thread: Well pump pressure switch

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    Default Well pump pressure switch

    I changed the pressure gauge going to my bladder tank because the old one was reading a constant 95psi. The new gauge works fine, but the pressure-sensing switch doesn’t work now although the manual lever can cycle the pump. To prepare for removal of the pressure switch, I have temporarily wired the well pump directly to the circuit breaker and I pressurize the system to 35psi when necessary.

    The switch is a Square D Pumptrol (20-40psi, I think).

    I'm thinking the pressure switch is air bound. Before I get myself into more trouble, what would a pro do to get the switch working?


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    Default pressure switch

    Get a new switch. They don't cost much. And use a new 1/4" brass nipple to install it with. A galv nipple will clog up on you. May be your problem now. Also check out a Cycle Stop Valve www.cyclestopvalves.com. A CSV will keep the switch and everything else from wearing out.


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