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    I recently removed the original toilet in a vanity of my house built in 1966. I replaced the old toilet with a Toto Drake. The flange is cast iron and is on top of the original linoleum floor used in the bathroom. The new vinyl floor is the same thickness as the remnant of linoleum left under the flange. The flange seemed rather thick compared to some newer flange's I've seen. When I put the new bowl on top of the flange it did not sit flush with the floor. (I noticed another poster here had the same issue with a Toto) I double checked to make sure that the bowl was sitting properly on the flange and I still had the problem

    A plumber friend of mine said that the bowl needed to be shimmed level, but it seemed like a little more than shimming since it needed about 1/4 inch of height all around the base. I decided to use some spare vinyl tile flooring I to provide the extra height. I cut it in the shape of the bowl's footprint and then put it on the floor. To get the proper height I had to add two layers of vinyl flooring, and a third layer in areas where the floor had settled lower.

    I haven't caulked the bottom of the toilet yet because I wanted to check for leaks and to see if this set-up was crazy or okay (plumber friend said it was okay, but I'd like a second opinion just to be safe). The toilet has been running fine for almost a week now; no leaks.

    Is this set-up okay for long-term use of the toilet? If not, are there any better ways of handle the problem of the bowl sitting high off the floor (maybe I should get a tile floor)? I'm going to encounter the same thing in June when we replace the other toilet in the house so I'd like to make sure we do this the right way.

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