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Thread: Cold water tank leaking....

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    Unhappy Cold water tank leaking....

    Hi, I hope someone can help. My house water comes from a deep artesian well. I had to shut off the main shut-off valve from the cold water tank that the well feeds into to the rest of the house. When I turned the water back on, I noticed water leaking from the cold water tank. Now, I don't know much about tanks, so I will just describe as best as I can where the leak is coming from. I think the leak is coming from some kind of overflow pressure valve. From left to right on the bottom of the tank, there is the main shut off valve, then the overflow discharge valve if you have to drain the tank I'd imagine, and then there is the spot where the water is trickling from right now. The trickle is coming from some kind of discharge looking piece that the motor (Pumptrol) is tied right into from above. The only thing I can see on the place where the water is leaking is "LLL 75 PSI." The pressure in the tank is reading 45 PSI. I'm hoping this is not something major, but would like some input. Thanks.

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    That's a pressure relief valve that is leaking. It is designed to relieve pressure should the pump not shut off for some reason. Tanks, such as the one you described, have a maximum allowable working pressure. The relief valve is there to keep the tank from being overpressured and rupturing.
    Your valve is set to relieve at 75 lbs.
    Replace it with a new 75 lb. valve, but first ascertain that your system pressure isn't too high (that the pressure gauge is correct).

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    Hi Pumpman,

    How do I tell what the actual pressure is? Not sure why the pressure would build unless the well pump kept running when I shut off the main water valve to the house. Can I just relieve the pressure somehow and essentially reset the system or is the pressure relief valve a kind of one shot disposable deal?
    Oh yeah, forget to add that my tank is a Flexcon WR120S tank.

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    It's pretty much disposable.



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