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Thread: Drain elbow needs to turn, suggestions?

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    Default Drain elbow needs to turn, suggestions?

    I've just installed a new sink an base cabinet combo, but the pvc drain pipe coming through the floor attached with pvc cement to the 90 degree elbow needs to turn (1/4 turn) so that the sink/cabinet combo will meet the wall. Any suggestions? I really dont want to cut the pvc and peice it all back together.

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    If your drain line is coming up through the floor, it sounds like you must have an S trap, which is not allowed by code.

    As far as the pipe issue, there is not way to turn a glued fitting, You will have to cut it and put it back with a coupling.

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    Default ddrain

    Are you in Australia? They seem to love "S" traps, but you cannot turn a glued fitting.


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