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Thread: Water Flow by the Well cover

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    OK, Can you tell me where the prime plug is.

    I have a Goulds j7 pump

    deep well, two pipes,1 1/4" on top and 1 " on bottom.

    I see two hex nuts in back. one near top center.

    The other bottom left, and a little bigger.

    I am going to try the one near the top, since this is where I want the air out.

    Wish me luck... thanks again

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    I am not real familiar with Goulds model numbers. Most pumps either have a prime plug of 3/4" or 1" on top of the pump or the installer is expected to put a priming tee in the only outlet to make priming possible.

    I have seen many DIY installations that I have no idea how they primed the pump, since they used an elbow instead of a tee with a plug in the top.

    The important thing is, to get the pump full of water. Then it should prime.


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    The Goulds J7 has a 1" outlet on the top. You need that tee with a plug in the top that should have been installed with the pump.

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    Well , I went to Lowes and got the tee valve and adapter to prime. Instead I rear ended someone in the parking lot. My day went from bad to worse. There was plenty of water, so I called the well guys. They pulled up the well and there was a tiny screw head stuck in the venturi of the foot valve. All is well now. I have water ,,,, Thanks for all the input. I learned a lot.


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