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Thread: Schlage deadbolt-flush screws

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    Default deadbolt screws removed

    Thanks for the tip, I have dexter locks with those plugs in them. I got the plugs out and yes there is a phillips head screw. Again, thanks for the tip.
    I had to micky mouse a tool, but it worked fine, tnx

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    Seriously, can anyone help a single gal with a Dexter lock with screw plugs? What tool does the locksmith have that can get these things out to reveal the Phillips head they're jammed into?

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    YOU can try an awl, or try to drill them out. THE plugs are heat treated hard steel. Dexter locks are garbage Schlage locksets are the way to go. What works for me is to use my grinder to cut the lock off. I have lots of tools most homeowners wouldn't have. In my opinion a dexter isn't worth saving!

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    Default 'Plugged' Schlage lock

    I tried drilling the plugs themselves, this didn't get me far. When I drilled immediately beside the plugs the drill bit counter-turned the plugged screws right out! It was awesome when the whole lock fell to the floor.

    P.S. I did try the suggestion by toolaholic 'the key needs to be reinserted 3 times in 3 seconds, then 1/4 turn to see the window Tool ' to no avail. I don't think this works. :P


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