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Thread: Basement Rough-In

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    If anyone can tell me if I'm heading in the right direction it would be helpful.

    Going to install an ejector pump in basement. Mainline is 4 feet above basement floor. I want to install tub, sink, toilet & floor drain.

    What I want to do is run a new 2" vent for the ejector pump pit out the roof.
    My new 2" vent will go up 7 feet, travel horizontal 4 feet, and then straigt up to the roof.
    Can I also run the vents for the toilet, tub, sink and floor drain up their own 7 feet 2" pipes, and then meet up with the horizontal section that goes to ejector pump pit?

    I guess my question is can I use one 2" vent for the entire basement bathroom. The vent will actually branch off to each device for venting, and then be combined as it goes through the floor above.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I recently installed a new, full bath in my basement featuring a WC, lavatory, shower and bar sink. My inspector approved one two inch vent which served each fixture (although the WC and bar sink is combined). This two inch vent ran up through the floor of the main level where it tied into a revent for the main floor shower and tub. The tie in from the 2 inch basement fixture vent had to be above the highest fixture on the main floor (generally 48 inches according to my inspector). This combined revent then ran up into the attic where it wrapped around skylights, etc. and then tied into the 3 inch stack through the roof.

    My inspector signed off on this arrangement, although he did some figuring on how many fixtures these revents could serve. Hope it helps.


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